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My Mother, who is a nurse, introduced me to PurMed CBD Cream about 1 year ago. I'm a competitive Baton Twirler, I've been twirling since the 4th Grade. I'm now twirling on the Collegiate Level. With many years of competitions, endless practices with my team, and solos, twirling has taken its toll on my body, specially my lower back and shoulders. My mom was using the cream with great results, so instead of taking daily anti-inflammatory medications, I started using the PurMed Cream. This cream is an amazing product, it helps to keep my shoulders and back loose so I can entertain College fans at halftime.

Stephanie P.

I love Purmed CBD Oil. I have trouble sleeping. The CBD oil helps me stay asleep through the night and feel rejuvenated in the morning. Purmed is highest quality.

Karen T.

Cream worked within minutes! Great product and helped my shoulder pain.

Shenney J.

I have a history with insomnia and Purmed CBD Oil has helped me sleep through the night. I also wake up feeling refreshed.

Susan S.

The CBD Oil is amazing. My symptoms have subsided and I am feeling much better.

Marcy A.

I felt very comfortable knowing that the products have been created for Medical Professionals.

John D.

The PurMed Global Relief Cream really works.