The PurMed Global Story

Pharmacist Formulated, Physician Preferred CBD Wellness Products

PurMed Global was created to offer patients a comprehensive line of physician grade Cannabidiol (CBD) wellness products. As we have set the highest standards in the industry, PurMed only partners with qualified healthcare practitioners dedicated to providing the highest quality of patient care to their community.

We believe there is no better qualified person to distribute our PurMed CBD wellness products than a licensed medical provider. We know how important it is to understand a patient’s needs, and to help them make the best and most educated decisions as to what they put into their body.

PurMed Global understands that CBD is a relatively new compound within the US market, with limited standardized and approved clinical trials. The FDA ( censors and restricts making health claims until further testing and clinical trials can be completed and evaluated. PurMed Global is in favor of this FDA testing, which ultimately protects consumers, but we also understand that this is a lengthy process. For this very reason, PurMed’s Technology Portal was innovatively designed to share our medical provider's feedback, since a patient's anecdotal case study and experience advances our present understanding and educational resources for the entire community of PurMed Providers.

PurMed Global, Raising the Standards of Purity in the CBD Industry!